At Odd Waters, we have a process.

Every web development project is unique, but that does not mean you cannot benefit from our years of development and design experience. Whether your project is a simple web front for your business, an online portal for your customers, an e-commerce platform for your store, or a revolutionary new idea that will change how we work with the web, the rules almost always stay the same:

Know the Project

And we do mean know the project. This includes sitting down with you to understand the inspiration for the project, but also extends to setting down the goalposts and defining what it will mean when the project is done. For a simple company website, this might mean understanding the information you want your visitors to understand at a glance. For an experimental software, it means defining the minimum viable product.

At this stage we promise honesty, and that means giving our clients our best understanding of what needs to be done and what can be done with the budget they have decided to set.

Plan the Project

This is where it gets technical, because to estimate time we need to understand the general approach we’re going to take. But our team has been in the web development business long enough that even this step goes quickly, with a framework for development and a subsequent schedule materializing in mere days.

With full knowledge of the end goal of development, we can provide hard cost estimates that we stand behind.

Our promise at stage two is a reassuring one: We will not add charges for additional labor for any work that is included in the original plan. We always make it right.

Develop the Project

Putting our noses to the grindstone and bringing a project to life is our favorite part. Josh, our Head Creative, often likens it to magic. But the development stage is not all on our team- client participation is part of it.

Regular meetings with clients are our bread and butter. We need your participation. Whether it’s signing off on content, approving photos (or just selecting your favorites!), or just keeping you apprised of how your project is coming along, we want you involved.

Our promise during development is one we hope is mutual: We will respond to all requests for updates and information as fast as possible.

Refine the Project

Our favorite projects are the ones that we follow from beginning to end. While our approach is always viable product first, embellishment second, we want to be very clear- we will be there for you after the project is done. Many of our clients continue to work with us on improving their websites and softwares, adding and refining features as more users and efficiency requires.

If you don’t want to work with us after the project is done, we understand, and all of our projects end with a full backup of your site’s code, requisite files, databases, and even explanations about how to set up a working development environment if necessary. We want you to work with, but we will not force you.

Our final promise is a simple one: We will work until the job is done.