Branding and Logo Design

Every business needs a logo. A point of attachment for your services, making them memorable at a glance and ensuring that your customers know that you are, well, you.

The challenges of logo design are often subtle, but dire, and working with experienced logo designers like Odd Waters can make the difference between a potential customer scrolling past your entry on Yelp or making that crucial first call.

First, many businesses create their logo when they are first starting, and have often not defined their brand. Many are just a picture depicting some component of the business name, or are in garish colors that don’t translate well to print. Many times amateur developers will turn over logos in formats that don’t scale, costing you time and money when your attention needs to be on other things.

Odd Waters sets out to make logo design better. We work with you to understand your business, your methods, and your values. We want to create a logo with you, not for you, and ensure that your business gets the result it deserves. Our design process often iterates several times as we refine or experiment with new ideas, and the end results speak for themselves.

But a logo is just a logo, and often they don’t translate well to other mediums. A taller logo may look great on letterhead, but might not scale well on your website, app icon, or business card. A wider logo may not deliver the impact needed when space is crucial at trade shows, or might not fit correctly in another medium. A branding system can alleviate these issues and give you pixel perfect brand materials no matter the constraints.

We’ve designed a number of logos and brands over the years in our time as startup and web developers. Put our expertise to work for you.

Our work speaks for itself: